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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Whom can we contact to obtain more information?

A:  Please email

Q:  Why is Sharpn Ministries asking me for a three-year pledge?

A:  Raising money over a three-year period helps us to achieve our common goals while lessening the financial pressure on our supporters. In general, one can expect a 95% completion rate in a three year Major Gift Initiative. In addition, over the course of the next three years, Sharpn Ministries will be cultivating and developing new friends to commit to its future success and longevity. 

Q:  Who will be asked to make a commitment?

A:  Everyone who has participated in Sharpn Ministries will be asked to consider a meaningful and proportional gift. Although organizations, foundations and businesses will also be solicited, we expect individual and family donations to account for a significant percentage of all monies raised.

Q:  How will the funds be raised and collected?

A:  Depending upon their payment schedule, donors will be reminded of their upcoming pledge payments.

Q:   How much should I give?

A:  Consider your gift as a meaningful investment based on your financial ability to give.  Receipts will be mailed at the end of each calendar year for all amounts received during the year.

Q:  How do I pledge?

A:  A signed Pledge Agreement or Letter of Intent, prepared by Sharpn Ministries, will document your commitment to the Initiative.

Q:  Can my employer match my gift?

A:  Your payment or gift to The Ironman Initiative may be doubled or tripled if your company has a matching gift program.  Please check with your employer to see if they will match a charitable contribution and be sure to request a matching gift form from them.

Q:  Are my contributions tax-deductible?

A:  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, gifts to The Ironman Initiative are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. An acknowledgement and receipt of your gift will be provided to you for income tax purposes.  Should you have specific questions regarding tax deductibility, you are encouraged to contact your accountant or tax preparer.  

Q:  If my financial circumstances change, may I alter my pledge?

A:  Your pledge is made in good faith and is entirely voluntary. If your circumstances change, you may alter your pledge by simply notifying Sharpn Ministries.  

Q:  What happens if Sharpn Ministries does not meet its financial targets?

A:  The goal or target is just that, something we aspire to attain as a charitable organization. There are no consequences if we do not meet our goal, other than less resources being available to address the needs identified by the Initiative.