Our Program

The men who go through Sharpn Ministries Sober Living Program are known as “Ironmen.” They understand they are alcoholic and that A.A. is the sole solution. They are committed to their recovery, call their Higher Power Jesus Christ, and seek to develop a relationship with Him. They live within a healthy intimate community of other men and actively follow the Twelve-Steps with their sponsors. If not already employed, they seek employment immediately. Regardless of their job status, they are responsible for their own food and a monthly payment of $500 to Sharpn Ministries. On Wednesdays, the Ironmen attend a church service where they enjoy fellowship with an entire congregation. On Sunday mornings they attend prayer service, Bible study, and Worship. The Ironmen of Sharpn Ministries spend personal time with God, are subject to constant accountability, and are continually evaluating their growth. Each Ironman is committed to their personal development – both in their recovery and in their personal walk with God.

How It Began: The Birth of a Ministry

Founder and Executive Director of Sharpn Ministries Nicholas Long was a drug dealer before he was physically jolted with the voice of God. When God spoke, it was a calling and Nick clearly understood that God was directing him in His perfect path. What came next was the beginning of Sharpn Ministries. While writing one of his many prayers to God, God made it clear Nick was to step out of his current job as a personal trainer and start Sharpn Ministries. As Nick spread the word about Sharpn Ministries, community and business leaders took interest in this young man and mentored him in business planning and strategy. Sharpn Ministries developed a Christian based recovery curriculum. It served as a tool for individuals in recovery through a program called Sharpn Studies. After proven success with this non-residential program, it is time Sharpn Ministries serves men in the most impactful way through it’s residential sober living program!

The Twelve-Steps and Sharpn Ministries:  Rekindling the Oxford Group Philosophy 

At Sharpn Ministries we believe that the traditional Twelve-Step program is essential to an individual’s recovery. Like the Oxford Group, our program is for alcoholics who define their Higher Power as Jesus Christ and want to develop their faith, knowledge, and relationship with Him. As such, the men in the Sharpn Ministries program are mandated to attend one Alcoholics Anonymous meeting daily and are encouraged to practice its principles in all their affairs. We simply refer to the teaching of the original Oxford Movement and emphasize the relationship between Scripture and the Twelve-Steps.

Our Mission is Unique, Urgent, and Compelling!

Sharpn Ministries is unique. There is simply no other program like ours in all of Houston to our knowledge. Yes there are other recovery programs offering sober living for men. However, we have found that no other Christian sober living organization offers the same intimate setting as Sharpn Ministries. Meaning, we can find no Christian sober living organization housing less than 20 men at a time. Other homes and programs have either an intimate setting with no Christian emphasis or Christian emphasis with no intimate setting. We believe that for men to truly develop their tools in recovery and in their walk with God, they must have personalized attention. That is why Sharpn Ministries offers a 5 man setting, one that enables us to focus on each man!